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Here We are going to answer you this question!  


Besides water, What else can you put in yourShisha/Hookah Vase?


  • Putting other fruit juices into the vase makes a better taste.
  • Tablespoon of baking soda in the vase with ice water will make it smoother.
  • Add juice to the water in your glass vase for a fruitier flavor.
  • To add a minty flavor without mint tobacco just put a little Listerine or metro mint water into the vase for a nice mint flavor.
  • Milk in the base makes the smoke thicker and smoother.
  • To enhance the taste of the smoke, try mixing lemon juice or cranberry juice into the water in your glass vase.

  Come Check us out at Pars Market for the best Selection of Hookah and Shishas in the market, We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding Hookah and Shisha!


A Beautiful Hookah Base at Pars Market in Howard County Columbia Maryland 21045
A Beautiful Hookah Base at Pars Market


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New Shisha products Steam Stones at Pars Market Columbia Maryland 21045

   Welcome to Pars market. – your official retailer for premium products made in middle East and USA! We carry large selection of shisha products and provide them to smokers in Maryland and surrounded states. Furthermore we offer very special products for unbeatable prices! Check out our news section to find out more about new products we are going to sell. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we gladly help you with any request concerning our range of products or anything else you have on your mind.

Steam Stones at Pars Market in howard County Columbia Maryland
Steam Stones at Pars Market

Shiazo is more than just a world novelty for shisha – it’s its future! With the original shisha steam-stones it is possible to enjoy your shisha without tobacco and its side effects like nicotine or tar, but with the full taste experience and thick steam clouds.

Hookah Steam Stones are a new concept in the hookah world. Instead of smoking, Steam Stones allow you to inhale vapor. Hookah Steam Stones are available in a variety of flavors that are sure to smoke as well as any shisha out there. Steam stones are know to produce huge clouds and are a great way to smoke without the nicotine. So why not start steaming with New Hookah Steam Stones.

Shiazo Steam Stones


Carcinogen Free

No Harsh Tobacco

No Molasses

Variety of Flavors


What You Need For Shiazo Steam Stones


Funnel Bowl



Shiazo Steam Stones Comes in 250g same as Starbuzz and Al Fakher.




Different Types Flavors


Tobacco-.05% Nicotine

Made in U.S.A.

Al Fakher

Different Types Flavors

Washed Tobacco  .05% Nicotine

Best Quality Tobacco Leaves

Made in United Arab Emirates

Shiazo Steam Stones

No Tobacco, Steam Stones

0.5% Nicotine


Different Types Flavors

Get a sneak peek on our top products

We always stock a large variety of different shisha pipes, charcoal and accessories. We would like to give you the chance to find the perfect product for your needs. Get your hands on the latest achievements of the shisha market by visiting us and seeing them all in person!

        Come Shop At Pars Market For A Great Fun Smoking Experience!

 Note: You must be 18 years of age to purchase this product at Pars Market.

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Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco review at Pars Market in Columbia Maryland 21045



Founded in 2005, Starbuzz has been the most popular brand of tobacco among modern hookah tobaccos ever since. Starbuzz tobaccos taste smooth and sweet while producing larger clouds of smoke than most traditional hookah tobaccos.


Shisha Store Hookah Shop in Columbia Maryland 21045 USA

Exotic Melon Blue Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco at Pars Market


  Starbuzz provides a multitude of unique and savvy shisha flavors to salivate over. Made in the U.S.A., Starbuzz is considered a premium strong-flavored Shisha Tobacco. Starbuzz shisha is made from golden Virginian. The flavor of Starbuzz shisha is amazing! available in a variety of fresh, unique, mouth-watering flavors.


At Pars Market We are proud to offer our customers largest selection of Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco in Maryland at the lowest price!


Pars Market LLC

Starbuzz Flavors

 Starbuzz Shisha Tobacco is arguably the most popular hookah tobacco in the world. With almost 80 flavors to choose from, Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco is world renown for its long-lasting flavor and huge smoke clouds it produces.



Starbuzz has a large number of packaging choices available.

  • Ready Heads: As the name suggests you simply have to unwrap the capsule, place it in your hookah bowl, fold the aluminum foil, peel back the label, and smoke up.
  • 50 gr Can: Small rectangle shape cans, perfect for trying lots of flavors at a good price. Tobacco is inside resealable tinware.
  • 100 gr Can: Cylinder shape cans with 100 gr of tobacco in resealable tinware.
  • 250 gr Can: Cylinder shape cans with 250 gr of tobacco in resealable tinware.
  • 1 kg Bucket: Large bucket of Starbuzz tobacco perfect for hookah lounges or if you are absolutely in love with a particular flavor.
  • Starter Sets: Starbuzz recently released starter sets that contain four 50g cans of their tobacco, a roll of charcoal and a pair of tongs.

Starbuzz Shisha at Pars Market


  1. Apple
  2. Apple Americano
  3. Apple Cinnamon
  4. Apple Martini
  5. Apricot
  6. Arabian Coffee
  7. Banana
  8. Blackberry
  9. Black Grape
  10. Blackberry
  11. Blue Mist
  12. Blue Surfer
  13. Blueberry Grape
  14. Blueberry
  15. Bubble Gum
  16. Candy
  17. Cantaloupe
  18. Cappuccino
  19. Caramel Apple
  20. Caramel Macchiato
  21. Cherry
  22. Chocolate Mint
  23. Chocolate Strawberry
  24. Christmas Mix
  25. Citrus Mint
  26. Citrus Mist
  27. Classic Cola
  28. Classic Mojito
  29. Coconut
  30. Code 69
  31. Cosmopolitan
  32. Cotton
  33. Double Apple
  34. Flower Power
  35. Fruit Sensation
  36. Fuzzy Lemonade
  37. Fuzzy Naval
  38. Grape
  39. Guava
  40. Honeyberry
  41. Irish Cream
  42. Jasmine
  43. Kiwi
  44. Kiwi Strawberry
  45. Lemon
  46. Lemon Mint
  47. Lemon Tea
  48. Mango
  49. Margarita
  50. Marlett
  51. Melon Blue
  52. Orange
  53. Passion Fruit Mojito
  54. Passion Kiss
  55. Peaches and Cream
  56. Pina Colada
  57. Pineapple
  58. Pink
  59. Pirate’s Cave
  60. Plum
  61. Pomegranate
  62. Pumpkin Pie
  63. Raspberry
  64. Rose
  65. Royal Grape
  66. Safari Melon Dew
  67. Sex on The Beach
  68. Sour Apple
  69. Spearmint
  70. Strawberry
  71. Strawberry Margarita
  72. Strawberry Daiquiri
  73. Sweet Apple
  74. Sweet Melon
  75. Tequila Sunrise
  76. Tangerine Dream
  77. Tropical Fruit
  78. Vanilla
  79. Watermelon
  80. White Grape
  81. White Peach
  82. Wild Berry Mint
  83. Wild Berry
  84. Wild Mint
  85. Winter Fresh
  86. X on the Beach


Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Flavors at Pars Market

Wide Selection of Starbuzz Shisha Flavors at Pars Market


 As an internationally recognized company, it is rare to hear of someone who has not tried Starbuzz products. However, for the rare few that have recently crawled out from beneath a rock, here are list of best 10 selling Starbuzz Shisha Flavors!


10. Starbuzz Wild Mint – Hold onto your breath, this wild minty ride will have your mouth smiling with icy pleasure.

9.  Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita – A delightful strawberry flavor that’s tart, tangy, and titanic in taste. Smoke this fruity delight and your mind will be whisked away to a sandy beach, sipping away at the frozen concoction that helps you hang on.

8. Starbuzz White Peach – A scrumptious, savory peach flavor that’s wet and juicy. Reminiscent of grandma’s peach cobbler, your mouth will thank you when you puff on this peachy shisha confection. 

7. Starbuzz Coco Jumbo – A coconut flavor that will drive your palate coco-nuts! Juicy and sweet, Coco Jumbo produces huge pillowy smoke clouds of tropical delight.

6. Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew – Take a safari of flavor with this creamy melon hookah tobacco. Gaze upon the huge clouds that this shisha tobacco produces like the lion gazes upon the gazelle pre-pounce.

5. Starbuzz Melon Blue – This combination of Safari Melon Dew and Blue Mist is spectacular sensational for any season. Smoke this boisterous cantaloupe concoction and you’ll get a bountiful bonanza of smoke succulence in your bosom.

4. Starbuzz Code 69 – This sweet fruit flavor tastes great and lasts long.  Thick clouds await those that smoke this sexy shisha that will arouse your taste buds seduce your senses. 

3. Starbuzz Sex on the Beach – You can enjoy this delicious flavor without getting sand in your butt! Based on the fruity cocktail of the same name, this mixture of fruit flavors will make you do an o-face of delicious delight.

2. Starbuzz Pirate’s CaveYaaaar, weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! This tangy citrus flavor with a hint of mint will leave your taste buds shocked to the very boney. Skuttle me Skippers!

1. Starbuzz Blue Mist – The number 1 spot on this list goes to Blue Mist, which is also the top selling flavor of ALL brands of Hookah Tobacco.  A tangy blueberry taste that lasts long and smokes superbly is what makes this favorite a hit amongst new smokers and seasoned professionals alike.




Note: You must 18 years or older to order this product.





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New Electronic Cigarettes at Pars Market in Columbia Maryland 21045


By now You might have all heard of those e cigarettes that sold at Pars Market, little battery operated sticks that give you the ability to smoke water vapor instead of actual smoke. This way people can get their nicotine on without the nasty tar.

now you can find all of the Traditional Hookah Flavors in the same little stick at your favorite Hookah shop in Maryland at Pars Market, These things are hugely popular right now and selling very fast specially the Starbuzz Brand E-Cig so I thought I’d do a quit post about them.

Starbuzz New Electronic Cigarette with Blue Mist Flavor

Starbuzz New Electronic Cigarette with Blue Mist Flavor




 Flavored Electronic Cigarettes sometimes go by the name of Hookah Pen, Hookah Stick, Portable Hookah, Hookah on the go and…. 






Enjoy the taste of E anywhere in the palm of your hand! This is a tobacco-free way to enjoy the most popular flavored Hookah on the go! These cigarettes-shaped device produces a flavored smoke-like vapor similar to a real cigarette but without the fire, ash, odor, or chemical substances. Each E-Cig will last up to 500-600 puffs or equal to up to 2 1/2 pack of Cigarettes or more!


Premier Hookah V.H.P.E.S New Electronic Cigarette at Pars Market

Premier Hookah V.H.P.E.S New Electronic Cigarette at Pars Market

  • Easier For TravelThese things are about the size of a normal cigarette, so they literally fit anywhere and you can smoke them everywhere since it’s not real smoke. Yes, even at the beach, park, or movie theater. People might give you looks or say something but you aren’t breaking the law so no worries.


  • No Lighting Coals – Again, its all battery operated, so no more spending a half hour trying to get a coal burning properly. 
  • No Cleaning – Since there is no actual hookah involved, there’s nothing to clean!
  • No Tar – As mentioned above, all you inhale with these is vapor and there is no tobacco involved, so tar is no longer a concern.

Starbuzz Electronic Cigarette Poster at Pars Market

Starbuzz Electronic Cigarette Poster at Pars Market

 The body of the E-Cigs are made up of the following components:


1. A glycerin-based flavor cartridge, which contains 12 mg of nicotine.

2. An atomization chamber and smart chip with a lithium battery.

3. An operating LED indicator light that lights up when you press the activator button, just like how a real cigarette gets red at the tip while smoking.

Starbuzz Electronic Cigarettes at Pars Market

Starbuzz Electronic Cigarettes at Pars Market


 Instructions for use of the Electronic Cigarettes:


1. Pull the red tab on the side of the E-Cig. 2. Remove the plastic cap at the end.

Picture Showing the Pull Sticker

3. Press the activator button on the side and enjoy up to 500-600 puffs!

Picture showing the Activator Button

1. Pull the red tab on the side of the E-Cig.

2. Remove the plastic cap at the end.

3. Press the activator button on the side and enjoy up to 500-600 puffs!

Pars Market Hookah, Shisha, Charcoal, Glass Pipe, Herbal Incense, hookah Pen and more in Columbia Maryland 21045

 This post is copy of our Hookah page on our Website!


Pars Market is committed to offering the largest selection of quality hookah products. We have hookahs of all Models, shapes, sizes, Colors and prices, starting at just $16.99  We carry a wide range of Maya, Acrylic, Bohemian, and Iranian style hookahs. We also carry many manufacturers and flavors of the Freshest and High Quality tobacco which is known as shisha, mass’el, or tobacco molasses at the lowest prices in entire Maryland and surrounded areas. Feel free to call us at (443)259-0002 if you have any questions. We also carry components to repair your hookah.

Pars Market Best Hookah Selection in Maryland
           (Get Directions) 


Open Daily: 10AM to 9PM

TEL: 443-259-0002

Pars Market LLC Hookah Selection in Columbia Maryland 21045

Our Hookah are Built strong, Selections are wide,  looks are Awesome, Qualities are High and they last for a life time!

We carry 100% of the accessories that goes with any  Hookahs we sell and guarantee the quality of our products and your Satisfaction!

Along with all the above said we provide you with an fantastic customer service that you have never experience like one before!

Click Here! Check our reviews out on Everyone loves us!

Pars Market Hookah, Shisha,  Charcoal Poster


We carry many varieties and flavors of Shisha:

• Just to name a few: Black Grape Layalina Shisha • Double Apple Al Fakher Shisha

• Golden Strawberry Al Fakher Shisha • Grape Al Fakher Shisha
• Blue Mist Starbuzz, Citrus Mint Starbuzz, Coco Jumbo Starbuzz, and almost full ine of everything Starbuzz flavors!

• After Nine Al Waha Shisha • Eskandarani Apple Layalina Shisha


Pars Market LLC Three Kings Charcoal For Hookah We carry many varieties of Charcoal:       • Coco Nara Coals • Three Kings Hookah Charcoal

• Al Fakher Coconut Coals • Al Fakher Quick Lighting Coals
• Chronic Hookah Coconut Coals • Dodo Self Lighting Coals
• Kwikstart Silver Charcoal Tablets

 We carry many accesories and replacement parts for your hookah

Pars Market Hookah, Shishah, Accessories and Replacement Parts Columbia Maryland 21045
We carry many accesories and replacement parts for your hookah
• Hookah Hoses • Hookah Bowls • Replacement Vases
• Hookah Tongs • Plastic Tips • Replacement Stems
• Metal & Glass Screens • Foil Sheets • Replacement Trays
• Hookah Gaskets • Hookah Brushes • Argile Wind Covers
• Hookah Bags/Cases • Charcoal Lighters • Stem Adapters
• Stem Plugs • Check Valves • Hose Components

Other practical accessories we offer are:


  • bowl aluminum foil
  • wind cover (bowl wind cover)
  • multi hose adapter for all hookahs
  • base protector
  • carrying and storing bag
  • charcoal holder – ideal for tearooms


Best of All We also carry Largest Selection of Bubblers, Glass Blunt, Mershon Pipes, Pipe Screens, Water pipe, Chillums, Hand pipe, Metal Pipes, Steam Roller, Wood Pipe, Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes, Legal Herbal Incense, Filters, Rolling Paper and many many more…


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Hoka, Shishah, Charcoal and Many more products at Pars Market in Columbia MD 21045

Are you tired of your usual tobacco smoking experience? 

  Do you want to try something new and exciting? If you are tired of the usual routine of smoking, how about trying out the hookah? What is a Hookah? It is a single or multi-stemmed mechanism that is used to smoke flavored tobacco products. 



Our selection of Hookahs at Pars Market


 In a hookah, the Shisha or flavored tobacco smoke passes through a water basin before you get to inhale the highly addictive and relaxing chemical. The use of hookah pipes actually started and originated first in Persia and then it became popular in all middle eastern region and many other countries . 



Our Beautiful Gold Fish style Hookah at Pars Market

 The word hookah in English comes from the Indian word “huqqa”. According to some writers, the hookah pipe has been used as early as the 16th century by an Iranian doctor. Before it became popular in the United States, South America, Australia and Europe, the use of hookah tobacco set is already popular in the Middle East, Iran and Pakistan. 



Big Poster of Hookah at our front store window at Pars Market


 The use of modern hookah is also gaining a lot of attention today. In the US, there is an increase of bars and cafes that promotes the use of hookah pipes to their customers as an alternative way to tobacco smoking.



Small size selection of Hookah at Pars Market



Why is the Hookah Smoking Popular?


The number of people who are hooked into using this machine in order to enjoy a hint of smoke has increased in just a decade. Most of the users of this product are those of the teenage and early adult age. They are hooked not only because of the fact that it has become a social custom among friends but also because hookah enhances the tobacco smoking experience by incorporating flavors like orange, mint, chocolate and vanilla. The modern hookah is not limited to the tobacco flavor which is why a lot people are encouraged trying it. 



Handmade Wooden Original Persian hookah at Pars Market

 This is one of the reasons why one out of four female university freshmen will try this product out. At first it is all about curiosity, but soon some of them might end up looking into the internet to find out more about hookah prices. Since hookah prices are so inexpensive at Pars Market and selection is so great and wonderful, a lot of people end up getting their own for fun.



Small Hookahs at Pars Market

 Hookah’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that a lot of people enjoy the idea of coming together, experimenting and partying while in a natural high because of the smoke. In addition, the visual and multi-sensory experience it offers is one of a kind as well. That is why it has become extremely popular.



Large Size Hookah with carrying case at Pars Market

 In order to understand better, here is what you will get when you try this social smoke hookah tobacco experience. In some hookahs, you can experience a visual feast as each inhalation brings out lighting and colorful smoke. 



Tons of Hookah selections at Pars Market



As you inhale you will notice the water bubbling up and down as if asking you to inhale more. Then when the smoke finally fills your mouth you won’t notice the smoke. Rather you will taste the flavor it brings into your mouth allowing you to savor the mint, chocolate or watermelon flavor it offers. It is as if you are eating some candy. Most people get to try the hookah experience because it is for free. Though later on, because of its addicting nature, one can get hooked and start asking for to purchase their own hookah and shisha in order to be able to use it anytime they feel like to enjoy it!


What you need to know about the hookah experience!


If you want to try out the hookah, then get yourself ready here are some facts that you need to know about this activity before you come in to Pars Market to select an awesome hookah from our amazing selection we have up for sell at very reasonable prices!


Al Fakher and Starbuzz Shisha. The head of all shisha distributors and the answer to all your hookah needs. 



Small Part of our Alfakher selection of Shisha


 Pars Market is Heaven of Hookah Selection and shisha Flavors we offer you a wide variety of choices when it comes to flavor, accessories, charcoal and everything about hooka with wonderful selection from Mango, Melon, Watermelon, Grape, Mint, Two apple to Safari Melon Dew, Blue mist, Cosmo Power, Melon Blue, Fuzzy Naval and so many more great flavors which you can only get them at your Pars Market at lowest prices with wide range of selection and flavors you can find in Maryland or surrounded states! 



We carry full line of all Starbuzz Shisha Flavors at Pars Market



Charcoal. The hookah charcoal is a very important item during a hookah session. It is the one that provides the heat to tobacco, and it helps to produce a mellow and smoother hookah experience. There are two types of charcoal the quick light coals and natural coals. 



Three Kings Charcoal



The first one is for those smokers who are just starting to learn about hookah while the second one is for experience smokers. Some of the most popular charcoals include the quick lite hookah charcoal, natural hookah charcoal, Holland charcoal, Japanese charcoal and Syrian charcoal.



Three Kings Charcoal at Pars Market (Product of Holland)






Shisha. Also known as the flavored tobacco, your overall experience will depend on the Shisha you use so be very careful. Some popular shisha includes mint, vanilla, cherry, bubblegum and chocolate.

If you want to know more about the hookah experience, then don’t hesitate to visit a shop or get your own hookah set now.


Two Apple, Mint and Strawberry Flavors














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Pars Market Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Grocery store in Columbia Maryland 21045

Pars Market Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Grocery store in Columbia Maryland 21045

   Pars Market  located in Columbia Maryland has been in business since January 2010. We are family-owned and committed to the highest standards of quality in our products. We carry a large variety of hard-to-find international groceries, food products such as Persian, Afghani, Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek, Egyptian, Lebanese, Pakistani, Indian, Armenian and beyond….

At Pars Market, we have a best collection of unique and exotic Foods, Spices, Hookahs and Hookah supplies, Tobacco, International calling cards, and so much more just for you all in one place!
We are a family owned & operated Mediterranean Grocery Store. Come and take advantage of our special discounts, and our low prices on many exclusive products. At Pars market We bring you a wide selection and best choices of your favorite Mediterranean Foods, Spices, Teas, Coffees, Cheeses and Pastry and many, many more… So be sure to come by and check out our Unique and High quality imported goods at the lowest prices available in the market. Our grocery store offers that and more.

Come on down to our store for your next grocery trip, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic line of products for yourself. If you need directions or have any questions, feel free to call us at 443-259-0002