How to Clean a Washable Hose with Lemon Juice!

Cleaning a Washable Hose with Lemon Juice

Cleaning a washable hookah hose should usually involve nothing more than some water and some time. But, sometimes there is a flavor that absolutely refuses to leave and you need to break out the proton packs. There are a few different ways to bust that ghost, but one of the most popular is the lemon juice method. It’s really as simple as it seems.

Firstly, get some good lemon juice. You don’t need to juice your own, but the fresher the better and you don’t want to use anything with added sugar. Remember that sugar is food for microbes and one of the sure ways to kill a washable hose is to let it get moldy.

Sadaf Brand Lemon juice and Starbuzz hose at Pars Market in columbia Maryland 21045
Sadaf Brand Lemon juice and Starbuzz hose at Pars Market


All you need to do is pour a little lemon juice in your hose and swish it around to make sure that every internal surface is covered. Then you let that sit for ten minutes in a way that the lemon juice won’t fall out and swish it around again. After another ten minutes it is time to rinse it all out.

From here you just follow your usual washing routine with clean water. The acid will have eaten through any build up on the inside of the hose a bit and loosened up the flavor particles that got left behind. Really pervasive flavors may still hang around a bit, but that should be covered up by the flavor of light lemon. For ghost of that power level there is nothing left to do beyond letting it fade naturally and smoking flavors that will overpower it.

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It is extremely important that you know how to check a Hookah before you purchase it, because no matter what country it comes from, there is a certain percentage of hookahs that are defective.

Start with the bowl on top. Inspect for chips and an ovular opening where it connects to your hookah. If the the opening of the bowl is ovular, it might not seal tightly when sitting on top of the hookah. Next, look for obstructions in the holes of the bowl. Sometimes, during the glazing process, the holes are covered up or clogged. You will also want to make sure that the bowl fits snugly. You should be able to jerk the hookah a little bit and not have any movement on the bowl. If it does seems to wobble a bit, try to turn it in a clockwise fashion as you push it down over the gasket.

Take the hose off and plug one end with your thumb as you blow through the other end. Listen carefully for any air leaks. If there are any air leaks, the hose has a hole in it. Now, unplug one end and point it at a bare patch of skin that is not on your face (you may get a chunk of rust right into your eye). You should feel a good amount of air coming out. If the amount of air coming out feels weak, the hose has obstructions.

Check the stem for breaks or damage by holding the stem up like a looking glass and pointing the opposite end toward the light.

Unscrew the check release valve to make sure it has a ball bearing.

To check the air flow of the rest of the Hookah, make sure it is assembled with the stem, vase, vase gasket, hose, and hose gasket. You will need to remove the bowl and bowl gasket if it is on top of the stem. Use your hand or a piece of cloth to clog the top of the hookah stem. Suck through the hose and listen carefully for air leaks. You should not be able to take any air in. Common air leaks occur near the hose port around the weld lines. With the top of the hookah stem still clogged, blow into the hose. Air should be expelled out of the check release valve.

Make sure the vase is not wobbly and that the top opening is not ovular. Also, look for cracks and chips in the glass. 

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