Magic Eggs for Haft sin at Pars Market

Decorating Nowruz eggs has always been one of Nowruz highlights ever since we were a kid. Although as a child we loved making as much of a mess as possible with the dyes, as an adult we’ve changed to slightly more tidy ways (since we are the ones cleaning up). All this can still be achieved with without messy watercolors, dyes, paints or crayons with the Magic Nowruz Egg set in a few easy simple steps.

Magic Eggs Wrap at Pars Market

  Easy and magical way to decorate your Persian New Year Eggs, haft-sin (7-sin) Eggs, in about 5 seconds you can have professional decorated egg

 At Pars Market We made it extremely easy for you to celebrate the Nowrouz, this new product named “MAGIC EGGS” Magic Nowruz Egg comes with a package. This new package set of 12 egg wraps has been created for every taste form old traditional look to fun and playfulness.

Instruction how to use it!

Magic Nowruz Egg No Paint – No Mess

Package Contains 12 Egg Wraps
How to use:
1-Choose large white eggs and boil them first. To prevent cracking make a small hole at the bottom of the egg.
2-Open the package carefully from the bottom.
3-Separate the sleeves from eachother.
4-Slide the eggs into the center of each sleeve.
5-Place them into a bowl and pour boiling water over them until the sleeves shrink tightly around the eggs.

Due to use of boiling water adult supervision is required for children. Chocking hazard-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.