Dry Fruit Snack at Pars Market in Columbia, Maryland

Our Selection of Lavashak at Pars Market

  Lavashak is the Iranian Favorite Fruit leather. which definitely brings back happy childhood memories, sometimes little sweet, often very sour. All Natural no sugar of preservatives added. it’s made by pouring the cooked fruit onto a greased tray and letting it sundry in shade. This healthy snack can be made by a large variety of fruits such as Sour cherry, Sour Plum, Prune, Pomegranate and all types of berries and fruit! at Pars Market We carry wide variety of Lavashak (Fruit roll-ups) from Iran which definitely brings back happy childhood memories! stop by to Pars Market to buy this great healthy snack for yourself! 

at Pars Market we carry all 100% Natural Fruit Roll-ups from Iran

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