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Iranian Gaz

Iranian gaz is a Persian nougat, a traditional candy which originated in the Esfahan city of Central Iran that has derived its name from a native desert plant in the Zagros mountain range called gaz – angebin (sap of angebin) of the Tamarisk family. The sap of this plant which is milky and sweet, is annually collected and blended with other ingredients such as almond kernels or pistachio, egg white and rose water to make gaz candy, which imparts an unique flavor to the confection preserving its uniqueness when compared to the similar European nougats. Traditionally, the Iranian gaz is made in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean households, where it enjoys the status of being a staple sweet.


Gaz Nougat at Pars Market



Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Gaz Candy


In Esfahan, as per the old tradition, the sweet milky juice is extracted from the stems of the plant collected from the mountains, which are brought downhill to the towns and stored inside copper vessels. A raw mixture is made with the other ingredients like rosewater, almond or pistachio kernels, egg white and this milk which is beaten to a desired consistency over heat and finally, given candy shapes by hand. The handmade, old fashioned Iranian gaz nougats are individually shaped round which typically have a diameter of 2 to 3 inches with half an inch of thickness. For making the modern Iranian gaz, aluminum foil is sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, over which, a hard mixture made by combining egg whites, corn syrup, pistachios, salt, sugar and water over heat, is layered smoothly, refrigerated and finally, brought out when set and cut into squares.


Soltani Gaz at Pars Market

 Storing, Serving and Eating Gaz Candy

Traditionally, the Iranian gaz is eaten as an anytime snack, although it may also be served formally at dinner accompanied by hot tea. This Iranian sweet is also a popular entrée during the festive occasions, during when many confectioneries sell these nougats wrapped in gift boxes, as they make for ideal presents for relatives. 


Ashrafi Gaz in Gift wrap at Pars Market



The Iranian gaz candies are not wrapped individually; instead, all the nougat slices are packed in a single box with flour dusting, so as to keep the sweets from gluing to one another. Generally, these confections are stored in wooden boxes, although in some modern households or stores, metal, cardboard or plastic boxes are also used. Often, the Iranian gaz may be sold in larger sizes, which are cut into bite sized pieces just before serving or eating.


Close up view of Ashrafi Gaz in Gift wrap at Pars Market

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Saltanati Gaz at Pars Market

Gaz Candy: Trivia 

The Iranian gaz stored with flour is called “gaz-e-ardi”. which available at Pars Market!


Gaz-e-Ardi Esfehan at Pars Market                        








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