Benefits of Honey…

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 Honey has been in the news recently, covering topics from its source to its authenticity.(USDA) oversight, wants to clarify any misconceptions.
Honey bees collect nectar from flowering plants and use it to make honey. Honey is then collected by beekeepers from the beehives. The journey from harvesting to distributing honey is multifaceted.
From beehive to supermarket at Pars Market and finally reaching the table to our loyal customers, at Pars Market we carry wide range of honey selection like: Orange Blossom Honey, Raw Honey, Clover Honey, Wild Clover Honey, Plain Honey, Pure Honey, Wildflower Honey, Sage Honey, Honey with Comb, Multi Flower Honey, Organic Honey, Summer Flower Honey, Honey with Nuts.

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Our great selection of Honey at Pars Market are all 100% pure and natural honey where are imported from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Iran, Lebanon, Brazil and India.
The harvesting of honey is a compelling story. It’s an ancient artisanal craft that brings a natural wonder to households around the world. With more than 300 varietals of honey, ranging greatly in flavor and appearance, honey is a unique ingredient that helps home cooks and professional chefs create countless Recipes in the kitchen and in the middle east is most popular as breakfast to spread it on the bread! so yummyyyyyyy!!!!

Attiki Greek Honey

This beloved ingredient also provides an all-natural energy boost, as well as acts as a natural cough suppressanteffective skin moisturiser and an  nourishing the body inside and out!