What is Tomato Paste? Learn more about it.

Tomato Paste – What is Tomato Paste?

Tomato paste consists of tomatoes that have been cooked for several hours and reduced to a thick, red concentrate before being strained. Tomato paste is widely used in Italian dishes. It is used to inexpensively thicken, color, and enrich the flavor of tomato sauces and other semi-liquids such as soups and stews. Be careful not to add too much, which can result in an overpowering tomato flavor or give the sauce too much of an acidic edge.

Tomato paste is sold in cans, jars and tubes. If seeking especially intense flavor, shop at Pars market your favorite specialty stores for imported double-strength tomato concentrate.

Glass Jar of Tomato Paste at Pars Market Middle Eastern and Mediterranean grocery store located in Columbia Maryland 21045
Glass Jar of Tomato Paste at Pars Market

While tomato paste is almost universally commercially produced now, for years tomato paste was made in homes in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. To make tomato paste, the tomatoes are first cooked for several hours to reduce moisture, are strained to remove the seeds and skin, and then are cooked further to reduce them to a thick, rich concentrate. Come shop with us at Pars Market to pick the best selection of our wide selection of Tomato Paste we have in stock for you!








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