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Hookah Tricks And Tips

1.Change the water in the vase every smoking session. The water is the filter for the smoke.

2.Use cold water to fill the vase and add ice cubes to the water.

3.Don’t place charcoal right on the shisha bowl, use aluminum foil or a metal charcoal screen so it can save the tobacco burning time.

4.Make sure you place the foil tightly over the hookah bowl.

5.Add Juice to the water for a fruiter flavor.

6.Clean your Hookah frequently with cleaning brush and cold water.

7.Mix different flavors together for a unique flavor.

8.If smoke gets too ashy or harsh, remove the charcoal and remove the bowl. Then,  blow into the back of the bowl. Tons of smoke should come out. Put the bowl back and either put the same charcoal on it or put a new one.

9.When you start smoking, you can either place the charcoal in the center or on the outside of the bowl depending on your bowl side. Large bowls, you can place the charcoal in the middle. Smaller bowls, place the charcoal on the outside corners of the bowl.

10.Use tongs or tweezers for your charcoals, so you wont burn yourself.


 Shisha, Hookah, Nargila, Hubby Bubbly are a few names of ancient water pipes. Shisha pipes have been used for centuries in the Middle East to smoke the away the stresses of the day, relaxing in the conversation and company of family and friends. If you are in Market to look for a nice and high quality Hookah Come down to Pars Market we will show you and talk up everything about Hookahs you would want to know and to answer all your question! Looking forward seeing you soon!


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