Baltimore Retailer Roundup Redux

A great article about us by one of Baltimore Bloggers!



So it has been a while, I have continued to explore the hookah bounty of the greater Baltimore area, and I wanted to share a new discoverythe community.  There is a new retailer that I have been purchasing from almost exclusively, and I wanted to give them a bit of a bump.  Here is the info:

Pars Market: 9400 Snowden River Pkwy  Columbia, MD 21045.  Phone: (443) 259-0002,

I love this place.  It is in a discrete location tucked conveniently in the middle of Columbia, so convenient for most people in the area.  They carry a solid variety of hookahs, both traditional and modern models, and a nice selection of Al-Fakher and Starbuzz shishas.  What is most remarkable about this place is the quality of the shisha.  It is ALWAYS fresh.  The owner is passionate about only selling the freshest shishas, and you will know this is true…

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