Yogurt Drink at Pars Market Columbia, MD

Yogurt Drink or Doogh (Persian: دوغdūgh; Iraqi: Shinēna; Turkish: Ayran) is a yogurt-based beverage. Popular in Iran and also found in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan as well as the Balkans, it is sometimes carbonated. Outside of Iran and Afghanistan it is known by different names.

Half a Gallon Yogurt Drink at Pars Market

  Yogurt Drink is a refreshing and interesting.  It is very tasty delicious drink that is made with yogurt, salt, water, and mint, For the best taste It served Chilled! As I mentioned in above paragraph, It is made in various countries. A similar variation can be found through out the Middle Eastern countries as well as in some of the European countries. The one variation that most people might be familiar with is Lassi from India.

Small size 4 pack Abali Yogurt Soda

  Researchers found that Yogurt Drink fortified with vitamin D was found to decrease inflammatory markers in people with type 2 diabetes,.

Yogurt Drink is Available in Two types, Yogurt Drink Carbonated which is most popular within Iranian and Afghans, And Yogurt Drink Non-Carbonated which is popular within All Arab world, Eastern Europe, In Middle East and Mediterranean countries as well as Iranians and Afghans!  

2LT Yogurt Sodas on the Shelf

 At Pars Market You are able to find Yogurt Drink or Yogurt Soda in small and Large bottle sizes in Plain or with Mint flavors! 






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