Shisha at Pars Market

  What is shisha ?

Shisha is a mixture of tobacco and treacle, honey or sugar, and distilled water with fruit flavors. Shisha tobacco is very light and flavorful with a wonderful fruity aroma. Shisha is not your typical tobacco. It’s nothing like the tobacco in cigars, cigarettes or dip. No, smoking true narguile shisha is an entirely different sensation. Shisha Tobacco is smoked for flavor and not for any kind of effect. It proves a relaxing and peaceful pursuit. The most popular flavor is apple and others include strawberry, pineapple, apricot, grape, rose, orange, mint and even cappuccino!

We carry huge selection of all the shisha

In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are shisha cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea. Smoking shisha can last two hours or more and is a very peaceful, social occasion, generally filled with friendly conversation. A shisha smoking session can last from thirty minutes up to an hour. 

Selection of Small Hookah at Pars Market LLC Columbia, Maryland 21045

Pars Market believes in providing only the best products to our customers, we offer the widest variety of shisha flavors and Herbal Shisha molasses from the biggest manufactures in the world so its the time to buy your own brand. Step inside and see what brand we have to offer your pallet at Pars Market!

Our selection of Starbuzz Shisha

Want to know about Hookah Click this Link!

***********You have to be over 18 to buy Shisha************





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