Pomegranate Molasses at Pars Market

 In my last post I talked about our great selection of Pomegranate Juice we carry at Pars Market. Now I would like to write this article about Pomegranate Molasses we sell at Pars Market.

 Pomegranate Molasses, sometimes referred to as pomegranate syrup, is a tart-sweet reduction of pomegranate juice with the approximate consistency of Maple Syrup. Used in the cuisines of the Middle East, India, Armenia, and Georgia, this syrup varies in taste, color, and viscosity by region.
This liquid is made by extracting the juice of pomegranate seeds, called arils, and boiling it down until much of the water has evaporated. The resulting syrup is thick and purplish-brown in color. The resulting syrup is rich and flavorful. Tangy and sweet, pomegranate molasses can be used to enhance the natural flavors of many foods, and is especially good in marinades for poultry, lamb, and goat.
It is a fundamental flavoring component in the Persian dish fesenjan. A thick sweet-and-sour stew, fesenjan most often features chicken or some other poultry in combination with walnuts, onions, and pomegranate molasses. Variations of fesenjan feature lamb, fish, or no meat, and almost all versions are served over rice.

 Pomegranate Molasses is readily available at Pars Market we sell a very great selection of more than 10 brands and it comes in different sizes at very low cost!







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