Introduction of Pars Market

Pars Market has been in business since Jan 2010. We are family-owned and committed to the highest standards of quality in our products. We carry a large variety of hard-to-find international groceries, food products from Iran, Turkey, Greek, Egypt, Lebanon, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Armenia and beyond.

We have a collection of unique and exotic foods, spices, Hookahs , and supplies), Tobacco, and International phone cards, and so much more!
Take advantage of special discounts, our permanently low prices We carry a large selection of your Favorite Mediterranean Foods, Spices, Teas, Coffees and Cheeses & Pastry… come by to check us out for our Unique and High quality products at the lowest prices in the market our grocery store delivers that and more! Come on down to our store, meet our friendly staff and see our fantastic line of products for yourself.
We look forward to your visit!


443-259-0002 Business
443-846-2456 Mobile
443-259-0020 Fax

Pars Market LLC

9400 Snowden River Parkway Suite # 109
Columbia, MD 21045

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