Hookah at Pars Market

Finally, there’s a place in which Howard County residents can buy any and all Hookah accessories and products; Pars Market is your one stop shop conveniently located on 9400 Snowden River Parkway # 109 , Columbia, MD 21045  This is the place to go when you seek the best selections of quality Shisha, hookah accessories, Electronic Cigarette , incense, and other unique novelty items at the lowest price in the market!  

  A hookah is a device used for smoking flavorful tobacco, allowing for purification of the smoke by using a water basin before inhalation. The source of hookahs is in the Middle East, where one can still find the best quality hookahs in the world. Hookahs are made in a straightforward method with basic components. 



The primary parts of a hookah are pictured in the picture. The end of the body is immersed in a water jar through which the smoke generated from burning tobacco passes. The smoke is stored in an air chamber above the water after it is purified by the water. Another positive side effect of the smoke going through the water is that it is cooled down to a temperature much more comfortable for the lungs. The hose is located on the top left section of the water jar. It is not fully displayed here, but the hose generally stretches 1 or more meters. The smoker smokes through the hose by puffing on it. After inhaling, the smoker exhales clean and aromatic smoke. Hookahs are generally smoked in a social, group setting where smokers can enjoy each others’ company.
What Do You Inhale from a Hookah?
Traditionally hookahs are used to smoked shisha, which is flavored tobacco. Nowadays the following things are used to make shisha:
1. Tobacco
2. Treacle (uncrystallized syrup produced in refining sugar)
3. Honey
4. Sugar
5. Molasses
6. Glycerin
7. Nicotine
8. Dried Fruit
9. Distilled Water

Usually shishas have a base of fruit flavor such as Apple, Mango or Peach. But, flavors that are offshoots of these fruity favors like Banana split are now rising in popularity.
Today, there is a range of shisha flavors out there. Unique flavors are made because essentially every ingredient can be combined in dried, tobacco, glycerin and sweetener.
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What is The Source of Hookahs?
The term “hookah” hails from the Indian “huqqa”, a word that originated around the 1500’s when the hookah was first invented by a Persian physician, Abul-Fath Gilani. He developed a system to pass smoke with a water basin to purify the smoke as he was concerned with the health risks of smoking. But, it is said that even before he invented it, hookah existed in other parts of Persia. Anyhow, hookah began to gain popularity in the nearby lands of Pakistan and Iran from where it came to Turkey and Lebanon. Once the hookah reached Turkey, its fame surged among the Turkish elite, and it quickly spread through Lebanon and Syria to the rest of the Middle East and into northern Africa. Today, it is being used in almost every country of the globe.

As it traveled from Persia to the rest of the globe, the hookah gained a lot of names.
Nargile (also pronounced Argilee) – Mainly used in Italy, Turkey and Israel
Narguile – used in Spain
Lula (or lulava) – used in Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina
Sheesha – used by nations in Northern Africa from Morocco to Egypt, and the Arab nations in the Persian Gulf such as Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia
Qalyan – used in Iran
Karim Khan – used in Russia, Belarus
Chillim – used in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan
Huqqa – used in India and Pakistan
Gudugudaa – used in Maldives
Marra Pipe – used in the UK

Want to know more about Shisha Click this Link!







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